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About Us

Righill Electrics Pvt. Ltd. specializes in Design & Manufacture of Controls & Electric Parts for Oil Rigs.

Righill was established in 1993 by very senior Oil Field Equipment design specialists having more than 30 years of experience in design and production of Electrics for Deep Drilling Rigs.

The company possesses strong reputation for in-depth expertise in Rig Controls.


Our Strengths

We possess strong research, design, production, and service teams and manufacturing base housed in premises measuring approximately 60,000 square feet.

We have an established, regular design and manufacturing capability for complete VFD and SCR system packages as well as all major Oil Rig components, parts, and assemblies.


Spares to Systems

Righill is a major supplier of Oil Rig spares in India with 95% market    share.

   Some of the spares we offer are:


       Engine-Alternator and Drilling Drive Control Modules.

       Control PCBs

       Driller’s Consoles

       Plugs and Socket Connectors

       Foot and Hand Throttles

       Electromagnetic Contactors and Reversers

       Various Transformers and Field Coils

       Rotating Rectifiers and Brushless Exciters


 Simulators for testing of Oil Rig Control Electronics

Righill offers both Analog and Digital VFD/SCR Systems


Righill is proud to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY

on its Electronics*

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